We got a letter from Silas’s 5th grade teacher, Mrs. Hooper. It’s really almost back to school time here.

Orientation night is Tuesday, September 2. First day, September 3.

On September 3, I’m going to the first meeting of a team of volunteers who are going to be doing a nature science program at the school. It’s not a new program, but it’s the first year I’ll be involved. Once a month we’ll go into classrooms and do some supplemental science teaching.

The school is also looking for a new computer science teacher this year. I have none of the state mandated education or teaching certificates to apply for the job, but I’m thinking about offering to volunteer to do some work with the kids until they find someone.

When Silas was in first grade, I was the classroom parent. Nobody else volunteered. That was in Glens Falls. Parents at this school seem to be a lot more active at the school, but I haven’t been. I kind of miss it.

This year, it’ll be back to school for me, too.