I got the itch to start fooling around with my old Arras theme project again the other day.

After looking at what I’d started on earlier this year, I decided that rather than messing around with all that legacy code, it would be easier to start from scratch.

With a clean slate I figured I could build the whole thing, not just to be mobile-compatible, but mobile first, using CSS grid. And I can write it to maximize performance with PHP 7.

Arras Legacy HomepageI’m beginning with the original (“legacy”) Arras look. From there, if time and inclination allow, I’ll build out the default look of the 1.4 version, and then the 2.x version. (The 3.x versions I did a couple years ago went back to the version 1 look.)

After a short stint of coding I have a not-even-bare-bones skeleton. Some basic back-end groundwork is laid. Enough to get a blog page up on the screen, but without header, footer or menu.