One evening in late September I dusted off the old Arras WordPress theme project and started re-thinking it.

This afternoon I finally got to the point where I could load the beginnings of it on a real website. If you’re looking at this in late 2016, you’re looking at the results.

I’m calling it Arras Nova, even though at the moment it’s look is retro. On the front it replicates the default style of the last version of the theme from it’s original developer, Melvin Lee — except the font sizes are slightly larger. Under the hood, though, it’s a whole different Arras:

  • An Object Oriented PSR-4 compliant theme architecture
  • SASS compiled stylesheets
  • Minimized and compressed assets

The old Arras had several pages worth of options. The new is stripped down all the way. If I keep at it I’ll be building more of them back in as I go along, but for now, it’s just a single option: Enter your own message on the left in the footer.

For old Arras enthusiasts, installing this version is bound to disappoint. There simply isn’t much there yet. Installing this over an older version is likely to wipe out a lot of customization. For that reason I haven’t even announced this on my Arras Theme site. That, and I’m not ready to make any promises about when a full-fledged version might be available.

For now, the project is very much a distraction, a project to putter with on evenings and weekends after long days of intense coding with AwesomeMotive.

Still, getting to the point where something you’ve rebuilt from square 1 is stable enough to actually upload to something other than a development server brings a certain measure of satisfaction.

Something accomplished.