My dear Caspar,

Mrs Jose is my boss and I've being with her for so many years and i am the one written to you but if your doubting reality of her gestures you can call me on +447520635942 i can't write without the consent of Mrs Monica Jose, This very fund is in Bank and everything about the fund bears Monica Jose names i don't know why evil thoughts  coming from you, I am a Christian like you and my boss know me more than you she have tested me and choose to trust me i want you to read Hebrews 11 and Proverbs 19:21

My dear Elza,

Thank you for clearing up the relation between you and My dearest Monica. I don't have any doubt at all about her gestures or her bank or accounts. If she trusts you, I also trust her judgement about you implicitly, even though I have never met her except through your letters, written on her behalf.

Are you a princess?