The dog rescue people had a professional photographer stop by on Monday to take pictures of Yogi, the Foster Dog.

We’ve had him for 10 months now.

They say the record for a dog in foster care with this group is a year. I’m beginning to think we’re going to break that record.

It took from May to February for anyone to express any interest in him. A couple from Massachusetts. We agreed to meet them half way in Albany, in the JC Penny parking lot.

After a half hour in the parking lot with him they decided they really weren’t ready for a dog after all.

Then, the Pets for Vets people on Long Island said they wanted him. They said they were just waiting for the right vet to come along to make the perfect match. That was almost two months ago. Apparently “just the right vet” has yet to appear.

So the rescue people arranged for a professional photographer from Keene, Amanda Blacksmith, to do a pro bono photo-shoot.

We got the pictures last night. Here they are.

We wrote a new bio to go with the pictures:

Black male seeks male or female (or both, any color) for long-term relationship. Enjoys long romantic walks, running, fine dining and quiet moments by the fireside or TV. Loves 2rd graders and older and will help wake them up in time for school. Is comfortable with dogs and cats. 72 lbs of enthusiastic, unconditional love. For a good time call…

Anybody want a dog?