O Thou, who we call by many names, the maker of who we are and what we shall become:

Grant that in this time together we may speak with passion of things that are vital to our life together in this place;

But let us never succumb to hatred of those with whom we disagree,
Or devolve into name-calling when these times cry out for substance and solutions.

Give to us the fortitude to work for the dignity for every individual,
To strive for justice in our community, in our nation, and around the world,
And to open our hearts to the needs of the most vulnerable among our neighbors.

Bless our time together this evening, we pray.



May we go forth in a spirit of hope and good will;
May we go forth to faithfully do the things to which we have committed ourselves this night;
And may our planning and our doing secure a bright future for ourselves, our community, and our children.