Dad says Mrs. Pauley has hardening of the arteries, so she can’t remember things any more.

That’s why she didn’t pay the rent and today Mr. Manzini came and threw her out. The sheriff came, too. Dad says Mr. Manzini is a somebitch and the sheriff is a pig.

I think he’s right. About the sheriff, I mean. The police are supposed to help you, but he just stood there while Mr. Manzini’s guys took all the stuff out of the house — all the furniture and everything — and they just left it there on the sidewalk. And the sheriff didn’t do anything to help. He just sat in his car pigging out on doughnuts from a box.

Mrs. Pauley just stood on her porch in her pink bathrobe and slippers and watched them take the stuff out. Then one of her boys, Randy, the one that chews and spits — he lives cross town and he came to get her. He called Mr. Manzini a somebitch. Then he called the sheriff a somebitch, too, and the sheriff got out of his car and told him to get the hell outa here and Randy spat on the sidewalk next to the sheriff’s foot and the sheriff pulled out his gun and called him a somebitch, and Randy called the sheriff a motherfucker, and they left.

Then Mr. Manzini and his friends and the sheriff finished taking all the stuff out and they put a padlock on the door, and on the back door, too, and they left, and now all the stuff is just sitting there on the sidewalk, and some other people with a pickup truck came and took some of the furniture away. But they left some of it and Jimmy Tucker threw a baseball at one of the mirrors and broke it. Jimmy thought that was cool, but I felt bad for Mrs. Pauley.

I hope I never get hardening of the arteries.