Besides getting up a little later than usual and driving two hours there and back again to pick up one of the kid’s friends for a New Years Day sleepover, I managed to code up a little WordPress plugin.

It doesn’t do anything other than add a little field to the WordPress post editor where I can enter a subheading for the post. I got the idea from Harper’s Magazine and the New Yorker, both of which have a line under each headline, designating a “department” that the article comes under. Often, these repeat from one article to the next: “Essay” or “Shouts & Murmurs” or “Fiction”, implying they are akin to categories. But not always. “Letter from Washington”, “Letter from Beirut”. While these non-standard designations might be a kind of index, they don’t really give away much in advance concerning what the article is about. It could be anything from Washington or Beirut.

The plugin’s “subheading” field fills the role of a short note that points at what sort of writing follows without being tied to any particular taxonomy schema.

I’ve put it up on Github. It’s a first draft. It needs refactoring. I have in mind that sometime I might expand on it to include other functionality I’d want to have on my iCaspar blog.


And Happy New Year!