Instead of building a CMS, let’s try something on a smaller scale.

I’ve tried several To-do List apps, but I haven’t found one that I really like yet.  (If you have one to recommend, I’d love to know about it.)

I thought it might be fun (and doable) to build one.

In Kent Beck’s book, Test Driven Development, he keeps a running list of things to do next as he builds his projects. It’s something that could just as easily be done on a scrap of paper, and that’s the appeal of it. I don’t need lists within lists or anything like that. At least not for now. So this is going to be a pretty simple app. Here are the initial requirements:

  1. Add a new item to the bottom of the list by simply writing it in on the next line.
  2. If you mess up typing an item or want to change it, edit it in place on the line.
  3. When something gets done, put a strike through it.
  4. At the end of the day (or whenever), throw the list out and start a fresh list.

Later on, maybe add:

  1. Drag items around to rearrange the order of the list.

But that’s not an immediate concern.

Over the next few weeks I’ll blog my progress. Maybe I’ll do a couple vlog entries as well. It’ll keep my feet to the fire to actually do it, and maybe some who are trying to figure out some of the things I’ll do as part of the project will find it useful. Maybe those who are farther along than I am may come across some of this and teach me a thing or two. We’ll just see how it goes.

I’ve opened a new repository for the project on Github where you can check the project’s current state.

For now, let’s call it Gesture.