times around the sun as of today.

It was a good day.

I awoke to news that Donald Trump tested positive for Covid-19. There's lots of speculation that it's fake news, but I'm sending my thoughts and prayers anyway. He checked into Walter Reed this evening. Maybe they'll stick a giant UV light bulb up his ass. Couldn't have happened to a better guy. (But in fact it's happened to several hundred thousand better people, and that's on him.)

I got my teeth cleaned. New dentist, Loren Baim. Granted, most people wouldn't count going to the dentist on their birthday as being part of a good day, but dentists have never been particularly unpleasant for me. At 52 I've only ever had one tooth chip, and another that somehow got a hairline crack and needed a small fill. Dr. Baim and her assistant proved quite capable. Lovely, even. And now I have clean teeth to start a new year.

Sushi for dinner. It came with fortune cookies. Most of the time the fortune cookies have platitudes rather than fortunes. But tonight, for my birthday, I got an actual fortune. It was a good day.

About 10 years ago I ran a blog where I posted something every day for a year. I think it's time again.