Today marks 5 months since I restarted Sunday Epidemic.

This post is the 152nd.

I started this to see if I could keep up with posting something daily. It was a little challenge to myself to write something down every day and put it on the record.

I made a point of not promoting it. I didn’t want the pressure of thinking I was writing for any particular audience with any particular expectations. Except for a few posts that seemed important to me to share with people on Facebook or Twitter I haven’t publicized it on social media. I haven’t done any of the things blogging “experts” say you should do to get the word out.

The greatest success of the project is that so far I’ve managed to post something every day, whether it’s anything anybody wants to read or not. That’s what it’s for. Anything else is icing on the cake.

It is gratifying, though, that people have found their way to it and do read it. Some even leave comments, which is also gratifying.

In five months, I’ve managed to post a few things that get a little traction, mostly from Google searches. A slow steady trickle of people looking for a certain picture of Jesus or how to configure an old version of Magento on a new web server or how to block blog spammers. In all, an average of 21 views per day.

It’s not a big deal. 21 views per day after 5 months is about right for a blog that really isn’t about anything in particular. At least, not yet.

All that to say to everyone who does check in, whether every day or just occasionally– Thanks for reading.