Today the 4th grade class is going to float boats.

They’ve engineered and built big cardboard boats. Four in all. Three student teams and one teacher team.

Each boat is big enough to seat the school mascot. A large wooden beaver.

Today they’re going to take turns loading Bucky the beaver and towing the boat across the pond behind the school.

Boats that make it across without sinking Bucky pass.

If a student team boat makes it across, the class gets pizza made by the teachers. If the teacher boat makes it across, teachers get pizza made by the students.

I’m laying odds on Bucky having to swim for it at least once. I’m also guessing that everyone is going to get pizza (and get to make pizza).

Whether the teacher-made or student-made pizza will be any good is a story for another day. Pizza-making is, after all, yet another engineering project.

Update: All ships made it safely across. Pizza for all next week.