I wrote this post 10 days ago. It was raining. The neighbors had their car running in their driveway. They just leave it there in the drive for 20 minutes at a time. Just to burn the gas I suppose.

The dishwasher was running. We let it run, usually 90 minutes at a time. We do put dirty dishes in it. Most of the time they come out clean.

There was one last small tomato on the tomato plant. I planted my tomatoes in pots on the deck this year. When it got too cold I brought them inside to sit in the back window with Brooke’s other plants because the tomatoes were just starting to come along. In all I got maybe six small tomatoes. By now, that last tomato has been picked, eaten and the last tomato plant taken out to the compost pile.

It’s also possible that one of the cats has barfed on the kitchen floor, and since nobody is there to clean it up, it will dry itself out. When I get back I’ll scrape it up with a spatula.