1. How 2019 was a reset year for me.
  2. My strategies for playing the My Singing Monsters game on the cheap.
  3. What I've learned so far while building a new data API application.
  4. Reflections, a year later, on having moved away from WordPress as my go-to website solution.
  5. Why John Wesley had it right when he required lay-pastors to preach from a pre-selected set of approved sermons.
  6. The 2 essential requirements for practicing good pastoral ministry.
  7. 10 people (besides my family) who have positively influenced me (or contributed significantly to my thinking).
  8. Which tools I find most useful in my programming.
  9. Which programming tools I've tried, but don't use so much (and why).
  10. Reflections on my on-again-off-again relationship with the World of Warcraft game.

I'm not saying these are good ideas, or that I will write these posts. But if there are any of these you'd be interested in (or you have another idea), let me know.

Image "Light It Up" by Valentin Kold Gundersen is licensed under Creative Commons.